Specter Balisong

The Specter Balisong is a premium production knife that can perform as both an excellent flipper as well as EDC cutting tasks. The blade is available in both S35VN and Elmax (Evo models) and can perform cutting tasks while having excellent edge retention. The 6AL4V machined titanium handles have “Butterfly closure” slot designs and were available in two-tone as well as anodized on Evo models. Specter Balisongs come with precision tuned bushing systems as well as titanium spacers and pin latches.


  • Blade details:   S35VN / Elmax (Evo)
  •  Handles: Titanium handles 6AL4V – two tone/ Anodized with pocket clip (Evo)
  • Titanium spacers – titanium pin latch
  • Precision Tuned Bushing System
  • Phosphor bronze washers
  • Overall Weight: 5.0 oz