Prodigy Trainer

The Prodigy Trainer is a full-featured premium production balisong trainer. Unlike most available trainers, the Prodigy Trainer has all the features of a high quality production balisong, including CNC machined 6AL4V titanium handles, a heat treated 440C or 154CM trainer blade. The blade features the signature horns and a sweeping recurve bowie profile with lightening holes along the “edge”. The Prodigy feature a precision tuned bushing system and is supremely balanced to practice complicated techniques using a premium balisong without the risk of contacting a sharp cutting edge or tip. 

 The iterations of the Prodigy Trainer - original, mod. B, and mod. C, have revisions that match the preferences of the flipping community. The latest, the mod C, features longer titanium handles with latchless lightweight spacers for a neutral flipping feel. 

Prodigy Trainer features:



Prodigy Trainer 2014
Prodigy Trainer(Mod.B)
Prodigy Trainer(Mod.C)
Blade details:
440C – 5/32” thickness

154CM  – 1/8″ thickness

154CM  – 1/8″ thickness
Handles: Titanium handles 6AL4V – beadblasted finish/satin anodized Titanium handles  6AL4V – stonewashed/anodized Titanium handles (slightly longer) 6AL4V – stonewashed/anodized
Backspacers: Stainless steel Titanium G10
Latch: Stainless steel
Pivot system: Precision Tuned Bushing System Precision Tuned Bushing System Precision Tuned Bushing System
Overall Weight: 5.0 oz 4.7 oz  4.5 oz