Rhapsody Trainer

The Rhapsody Trainer is a premium balisong trainer and features blade design elements from the Tempest with longer handles (same length as the Basilisk-R) and new design elements that are both functional and cosmetic.
The 154CM heat treated blade of the Rhapsody has larger lightening holes to better mimic the balance of a hollow ground live blade, and newer models feature crowned spines
The titanium handles on the Rhapsody have a new unique pattern that offer lateral grip lines as well as lightening holes on both ends. The handles are offered in a stonewashed finish, or anodized. The stonewashed version wears extremely well and hides even major scuffs and scratches.
The Rhapsody originally came with stainless spacers, but new models have been rebalanced with G10 spacers. All Rhapsody models include a titanium pin latch. The precision bushing system is kept within this model and yes, the trainer does ring when you flip it!

Rhapsody Trainer features:

  • Blade details: 154CM – 1/8″ steel stock – Stonewashed
  • Handles: Titanium 6AL4V – Stonewashed or anodized
  • Titanium pin latch
  • Precision Tuned Bushing System
  • Phosphor bronze washers
  • Overall Weight: 5.0 oz
  • The Rhapsody Trainer is manufactured in the USA.