G10ST - Glass-Epoxy 10 Synthetic Trainer

The G10ST (G10 Synthetic Trainer) is a novel new trainer constructed from almost entirely G10 composite fiberglass. The G10ST features a unique pivot design with dual steel plates and a bushing assembly to add structural strength.

G10 is a fiberglass epoxy laminate, it is extremely rigid and most recognized for being used for circuit boards. It has the appearance of Glow In The Dark plastic (it does not glow in the dark and is much more rigid), and has the flipping characteristics of aluminum.  

Weight: 3.6 oz

Disclaimer: This is a trainer/fidget toy and not a knife. There are no edges or sharp point. G10 is considered a laminate plastic and repeated impacts on hard surfaces can cause visible damage or structural fractures. 

G10 components manufactured in China.
Design, assembly, hardware components manufactured in USA.