Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do I buy replacement hardware?

A: The best and cheapest way to buy replacement hardware is http://www.USAknifemaker.com

Main T10 6-32 Pivot Screw:

6-32 Pivot for most titanium knives, slightly shorter but will work

Smaller T8 Screw for Spacer and Latch

2-56 Pivot Barrel for Tempest, Specter, Rhapsody, Titanium Basilisk-R, Basilisk Elite, and Prodigy:

2-56 Pivot Barrel for Overlay (CF/G10) Basilisk-R

2-56 Pivot Barrel for Chimera

Q: Why don't you deliver to my [State]?

A: Hom Design complies with all Federal, State, and Local laws. Some products are not elligble to be sold or may be illegal in your area. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions

Q: Do the knives come with thread fastening?

A: Yes, all production knives and trainers have thread fastening done with threadlocker-red.  Extra care is advised when disassembling knives and proper tools such as Wiha torx drivers should be used.

Q: I purchased a used/modified knife and want it restored to brand new condition, what options are there?

A: Some modifications, intentional or not, may have limited options for restoration. Cosmetic issues such as scratches, refinishing, or changed blade profiles cannot be undone. Blades can be resharpened or reprofiled, and tuning can be reapplied for a fee plus return shipping.

Q: I purchased a knife and live in a country outside of the Continental United States (CONUS), how do I receive support/parts/repairs to my knife?

A: International customers are responsible for following the same guidelines as domestic customers to receive support. Parts can only be shipped CONUS, and some warranties may involve having the knife returned to Hom Design with a domestic return shipping address only.

Q: My knife has developed blade play but had no blade play when it was brand new, how do I repair it?

A: Balisong knives that utilize bushings can have minimal play, however screws do get loosened over time with use. The main T10 pivot screw must be cleaned out of all threadlocker before reassembly. Threadlocker debris can prevent the main screw from being properly tightened, resulting in play.

Q: How do I disassemble my knife?

A: Disassembly is not recommended, and generally not needed for maintenance. The T8 spacer screw for example, never need to be removed to maintain your knife. To remove the T10 6-32 pivot screws, squeeze the handles together in the closed position as if you were unlatching your knife while unscrewing the T10 screws with a Wiha T10 driver. To remove the T8 screw on the latch, very carefully use two T8 drivers on each side of the fastener to slowly remove them, then press out the 2-56 barrel with a proper sized punch.