The Chimera Balisong is the latest creation from Hom Design. Packed full of cutting edge elements and premium features, the Chimera raises the bar in the production segment and is dual-purpose that is true to its name: the knife excels at both a cutting tool and a performance flipper. Unique to this model, the overlays are titanium and provide a solid exterior structural design for the hidden zen pins that pass through the composite liners. The blade not only uses premium S35VN steel and a crowned spine across all models, but has a pinch-free spade tang that is inspired by the legendary Balibalistic Knives. The innovation culminates at the titanium pin latch, which can retract manually into the handle without any tools, springs, or magnets– a first in the balisong world.

Chimera features:

Blade details: S35VN   – 1/8″ steel stock

Handles: Titanium 6AL4V overlays, Carbon Fiber liners (Premium)/G10 (Plus/Base) liners

Retractable Titanium pin latch

Precision Tuned Bushing System

Phosphor bronze washers

Overall Weight: 5 oz

The Chimera Balisong is manufactured in the USA.